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We Are One - 相與為一

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"Jane’s entry, “We are ONE,” features a school of fish swimming elegantly in the sea, symbolising the power of unity. The brooch features larger fish, with glittering diamond chips and coloured gemstones on their bodies coming to life like a group of smaller fish caught in the light. The entry won the Best of Show Award as well as the Craftsmanship and Technology Award, in recognition of Jane’s excellence in jewellery craftsmanship."

Best of Show Award (Open Group) + Craftmanship and Technology AwardBest of Show Award (Open Group)
Issued by 20th HKTDC Jewellery Design Competition · Mar 2019
Crafted by Universal Jewellery Co. Ltd.

We Are One
"We are all unique in our own ways.
Nevertheless we all support each other to create a better future.
It is when we are one, we make the world a better one!
We get stronger, livelier, and happier."

When school of fishes gather, they become powerful, and yet harmonious. This place consist of mixed method and materials. Symbolises the perfect unity.
- Jane Li

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