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Artist Bio


"I never thought I'd devote my career to jewelry"

Jane Li, a third generation jeweller, is the youngest among four children born to Lydia Kwan of Universal Jewelry. Since elementary school, Jane's childhood was filled with her grandfather's life stories as a jeweller. In middle school, Jane followed her mother to the store and witnessed her mother sharing her wealth of knowledge and passion of jewelry to each and every customer. Yet, Jane who pursued a dual degree in pure mathematics and Japanese has never considered a career in the jewelry business.

Creative talents inevitably re-united Jane with her heritage

Following a sports injury, Jane was immobilised for three months. Reminiscing on her childhood and family's influences, Jane enrolled for a design course. Surprisingly, Jane discovered her design senses and found inner peace in creativity. Since then, Jane began to explore and express her appreciation for life and all its beautiful concepts through the process of design and creation.


"I paint my dreams. Inspired by my dreams."

Jane's design concepts are heavily influenced by her dreams, travel experiences, and moments of meditations. Jane believes that every design act as a medium for people to store meaningful stories.

"Bringing happiness to the world through the creation and sharing of beautiful designs - this is my passion, ambition and heritage in one."

"Simple yet Sophisticated"

Jane's jewelry designs often emphasises on its styling elements, specifically through curves, textures and spacial structures that explore different lights and shades compositions. Favouring choices of materials in its raw forms, Jane's "simple yet sophisticated" approach often astonishes audiences with a "think twice" factor that draws audiences' focus.

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