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Message of the Heart 鳥解• 心思

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Hong Kong

"Sentiments of great weight may be carried by something as light as a feather" - Chinese Poem

A well-designed jewelry empowers the sentimental values within us.
- Jane Li

The Feather Message originated from one of Universal Jewelry's signature designs from the 50's. The choice of feather symbolises the Chinese saying of 物輕情意重, which literally translates to "sentiment of great weight in light objects". This symbol reflects Jane's belief that jewelries are designed as a medium to store precious human emotions and experiences that helps us recall pleasant memories from time to time.

Inspired by her grandfather's brooch-earring convertible design, the Feather Message adopted a complex hook-craft method to achieve the fine golden patterns on the body of the feather. A significant amount of time was spent on prototyping the design from two dimension to three dimension. Even with such complex design and crafting requirements, the entire production process took only two months to complete and submit for the 18th HKTDC Open Group Jewellery Design Competition where a merit award was achieved. The Feather Message was Jane's gift to her family to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Universal Jewelry - by revitalising one of their most classic designs.

Every thought of caring and appreciation is soft like a feather. The
feather then transforms into doves to deliver the precious message
symbolised by the gem.
The inner feather and gem are pink, which is the colour of our
heart. When an untouchable thought, which is symbolised by the
flat feather, become a 3D dove representing actions and words, the
message is well delivered.
This piece of jewellery reminds the wearer to deliver their kind
thoughts through actions and kind words.

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